One good reason that new and experienced rappers find it difficult finding the right rap beats is because they really do not know their design of rapping. A lot of rappers think that they understand, however they don't. The reason being they spend much time hearing their favorite rap artists, and thus they can get wrapped up in that artist's style, which may or might not be comfortable.

If you wish to stand out as a unique rap artist, then you have to have your own unique style. The best way to find and develop your look is to take a break from playing other rappers, and flow. Record yourself, and listen to only yourself for a period of time that allows you to really zero in and notice the styles and projections of your voice.

When you first intend with an idea as well as a comfort and ease with your flow, then you can definitely begin listening to rap beats and rap instrumentals that match what your hear yourself recording. This might seem like a funny or weird task, however the results will surprise you. You'll easily be in a position to pick beats that won't only satisfy your style, nonetheless they will make you sound best of all than previously, along with the right rap beats gives you that 'platinum' sound, almost overnight!

When you look for a few rap instrumentals which you think will satisfy your style, record them over, and spend time listening to the recordings repeatedly. You'll hear things that you didn't hear before, sufficient reason for this you will manage to develop and excellent your style much more. Many times that many of the beats that you though match your style don't, to help you change them.

For this reason, it's probably better that you start leasing non-exclusive beats, using this method, you'll be able to work on your look using the beats without spending lots of money. If you decide to find that a beat doesn't fit your style, then it's no problem simply because you weren't required to spend lots of money into it.